Australian Mineral & Water Drilling

Active, efficient and effective right across the North, East and South, Australian Mineral and Water Drilling (AMWD) provides world class services and a strategically minded approach to industry sustainability.

Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD


Australian Mineral
& Water Drilling​

A drilling company aligning itself with the interests of mining and exploration, AMWD is an active player in the development of a more sustainable Australian mining industry.

Competent and reliable, we’ve worked to streamline our operations and deliver cost effective, high quality outcomes across the country. Innovative, inventive and in it for the long haul, AMWD combines streamlined operations, cost effective, high quality services and leverages Australian mining and exploration opportunities for the benefit of our clients, communities, economy and shareholders.


We Offer Ideas With Impressive Details.

Our strength is in our ability to listen to you and to build commercial terms best suited to your project. When you talk to AMWD about your investment in mining and exploration, you’ll learn more about how we’re different and why our approach works.

Transparent and trusted, AMWD offers Structured Contracts and Pricing, Standard Fixed Pricing and Industry Schedule Pricing as well as our Drill for Equity option. AMWD Drill for Equity is an evolution in the mining and exploration marketplace, where downward pressure on costs can affect the entire project lifecycle – and its ongoing viability.

Talk to us about arrangements to optimize your allocated exploration resources, grow your shareholder base and position your project for success.

Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD
Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD
Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD


At AMWD, we know we’re doing something right, because even as the Australian Mining Industry continues to contract our rig utilisation is far higher than the industry standard.

Strategically positioned yards in Victoria and the Northern Territory, world class equipment maintenance and customisation, quickly mobilised and fast moving rigs and a professional crew of trained drillers combine to deliver great results at a competitive price. Across the country, AMWD drill difficult holes at a fair and competitive price. ADITC Licensed Drillers and Supervisors as well as NT, SA, VIC, NSW and QLD Class 2 & 3 Licensed Water Bore Drillers

Yard locations

At Bendigo, Victoria and Pine Creek, NT

Multipurpose rigs

To suit all kinds of applications and requirements.

Australia Wide

Northern WA, NT, QLD, NSW, VIC and SA

Diamond drilling

On trucks and tracks

Powerful RC

Available Nationwide

Across the country

AMWD drill difficult holes at a fair and competitive price


In the most challenging of Australian conditions, AMWD has the equipment to suit any project.

Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD
Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD

With superior Operating personnel, AMWDs strengths lies within our equipment. Providing everything from Drill Rigs and Trucks to Support Vehicles, with fully managed Remote Camp facilities and company owned road transport. Alongside our Operating personnel, we have qualified maintenance support staff who monitor and repair equipment and ensure our equipment is working efficiently and effectively.

Australian Mineral & Waterwell Drilling - AMWD